A brief glimpse into a day the life of the Man from Manhattan

In the mid 70’s to early 80’s, the invention and production of synthesizers and mellotrons, keyboards that could emulate any instrument in the orchestra, had prompted the Musicians Union to try to ban their use on sessions and live performances in a bid to protect the livelihoods of their members against the advent of new technology. A tricky task. Consequently, rock/pop music was high on the MU’s hit-list back then as the synthesizer had become an established part of the band and an instrument in it’s own right.

The MU, like King Canute, were trying to halt the inevitable and were super quick to pounce on any ‘transgression’ committed by anyone in rock n roll. Behind the scenes there was a battle raging between 2 sides of the same coin as there always is when changes are afoot and the Man from Manhattan unwittingly got caught up in the maelstrom!! There were a few famous names on that record, it was a perfect target for a sabateur who had “information about the record that the MU may find of interest”. All it took was a phone-call and suddenly the Man from Manhattan was a ‘wanted man’ for a crime which was described at the time as ‘illegal activity on the record!’

… to be continued