Freddie Mercury produced ‘Man From Manhattan’ by singer-songwriter Eddie Howell, as well as playing piano and singing backing vocals on the record. Brian May also featured, playing lead guitar. It was originally released as a single in 1976.

Soon after its release, the record became a turntable hit in the UK and Europe. However, just when it looked set to chart in the UK, the Musicians Union discovered that one of the players on the track was working without a work permit which resulted in a blanket ban on any further media exposure, a decision which killed off the record. As a result, it was never released in many major territories, including America.

Having recently regained the rights to ‘Man From Manhattan’ from Warner Bros Records, Eddie took the opportunity to transfer the original multi-track tape of ‘Man From Manhattan’ to digital at Abbey Road Studios and remix and remaster the song using the latest recording techniques and technology. The final product is being released as a 12″ vinyl boxed special edition via MCM Global Team and will include a Dolby Atmos version of the song, along with unique memorabilia and bonus tracks from the period.

Eddie Howell comments: “I remember Freddie turning to me after the final playback of the recording and saying, “If this is not a hit dear, sue Warner Bros.”. I never did sue Warner Bros., but now, all these years later, I’m proud to release this record to redress the balance and commemorate a snapshot of musical history that has been lost in time.”

Eddie Howell is a respected English musician and songwriter, having worked with Phil Collins, Gary Moore, Brand X, Freddie Mercury and Brian May, among others. His songs have been covered by several well-known artists, including: The Monkees, ABBA member Frida and Jon Stevens whose recording of Eddie’s song ‘Jezebel’ stayed at number 1 for 9 weeks in New Zealand.