It takes Gary Lineker to give a voice to the plight of asylum seekers and migrants. Although the Nazi reference was unnecessary, as the tragedy speaks for itself, much respect to him for standing up for the men, women and children whose only crime is a desire to improve their lives.

Are we so tangled up in bureaucracy that we have taken leave of our souls? What happened to basic human decency? .. Rock and roll helped out once before with Live-Aid.. Maybe musicians, who’ve made their fortunes singing about peace, love and harmony, could again use their voices to highlight this shameful state of affairs …

Patriotism and flags are being used to obfuscate the true face of this governments “compassionate” anti refugee plan which has been slated for being inhumane and illegal. Gary Lineker’s exclamation has at the very least raised awareness and exposed the hypocrisy of the political manoeuvering going on behind the scenes..

I’ll be watching *‘Match of the day’ and eating Walkers crisps on Saturday’s from now on.

*As soon as GL is back