Seeing the old rockers with the porcelain-white teeth and retro hairstyles (unchanged since their teens) performing like recycled teenagers and churning out the same old riffs, is interesting. Who’d have thought that Mick would still be trying to get some satisfaction at 80?

I guess it’s ok to keep playing the old hits, especially if it keeps the goose laying those golden eggs..  But… when an iconic 82 year old maestro bucks the trend and refuses to rely on his back-catalogue of greatest hits because of  his insatiable appetite to be innovative and inspiring, then it’s time to sit up and listen and savour the example. This old boy has possibly had the teeth fixed, but the hair still looks suitably ruffled.

I’m talking Bob Dylan, he’s growing old gracefully. If you want proof, go listen to his recent album, ‘Rough and Rowdy Ways’, an uplifting take on life, sung in a gravel voiced growl, letting you know he still cares about every word he writes. This same octogenarian is also now a sculptured wrought iron gate maker, and an artist, and his latest book, ‘The Philosophy of Modern Song’, presents a kaleidoscopic journey through his musical influences and favourite songs.

He still makes me think in smiles which makes me want to read or write or paint something..